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We are , We have been  Organically growing Poppy Pods for the past 26 years in Southern Oregon,  before that as a hobby for more than 60 years.  Seeds have been  collected from world travels, friends, and gifts from those abroad and  from Big Pharma itself. The Tasmanian, China Whites, Raja Poppy  varieties are what we primarily grow each year.  Tasmanian's are the  most popular, and we grow 3 types of Tasmanian poppies. 

Poppys are grown down the row centers, and in two fields-The poppies in  their growing-green stage give off an Alkaloid Gas that prevents mildew  in the vineyards. We are dedicated to producing the finest Poppie Pods. Tasmanian, China Whites, Burma Giants, Hens and Chicks. An emphasis on  producing Pod shapes, Size, Length, Color, for Floral Crafts.  We grow  them organically, It is an extreme amount of work to grow poppyies.

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